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The Rifles

Live At The Roundhouse Double Vinyl

Double Heavyweight LP $32.99

Release Date: 17/04/2020

Discs: 2

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Side A

1. Science In Violence (Live)
2. The Great Escape (Live)
3. Fall To Sorrow (Live) 
4. Sometimes (Live)
5. Toe Rag (Live)

Side B

1.History (Live)
2. Winter Calls (Live)
3. Out In The Past (Live)
4. The General (Live)
5. For The Meantime (Live)
Side C

1. Lazy Bones (Live)
2. I Could Never Lie (Live)
3. Victoria (Live)
4. Rock The Boat (Live)
5. A Love To Die For (Live)
Side D

1. Minute Mile (Live)
2. She's Got Standards (Live)
3. Peace & Quiet (Live)
4. Local Boy (Live)
5. Romeo & Julie (Live)